The success story of Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan as seen at the very end of Monsters University. Two short scenes and a quick creative slide-show. Total running time: about 1.5 minutes. Feels more like a part of the credits, really, because the credits theme is already playing, and Pixar/Disney are generally known for their elaborate slide-showy credits. The film itself… is not exactly about this story.

I was a bit bummed at first, I must admit, not getting a traditional feel-good-you-showed-them-all happy ending after all that hard work and team-building the heroes did. But now I think that MU is yet another worthy addition to the long combo of awesome Pixar’s creations. They tried to reach new grounds here (just like Monsters Inc. reached them with its unique setting and touching story), and in many senses they did.

Because this is a story about failure. And not the innocent “you just need to practice more” one - the unfair “that’s just how the world is” one. A kind of failure where you give your very best, work you hardest and still fail. Where you make up for a stupid mistake tenfold but still not forgiven. Where you achieve the extraordinary but the world refuses to do something extraordinary for you in turn.

In the end, it’s not the extraordinary that gets them there but even more hard work, as they literally rise through the ranks from janitors to scarers. And yet, how many people keep paying close attention when the credits are pretty much rolling? And how many are able to keep going and finding fun in sorting post after your life’s dream was on the tip of your fingers?

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